Philosophy of Art Education

Art has been and will always be my greatest passion in life. Coming from a lifelong journey where art has always "made sense" to me, I find it an important aspect within my life and strive to dive deeper into the study. With collegiate education background in elementary and special education, fine art, art history, and graphic, interactive and advertising design, not only do I have a great interest in education and art as a whole, but I have also laid out the stepping stones to teach children how to appreciate art and all artistic aspects around them.

Throughout my education, I have gained experience in the classroom; not only have I worked in urban and suburban settings, but also in inclusion, self-contained, gifted and talented, special education, and Autism classroom settings. I have proven myself to be dedicated to my work and dedicated to learning and becoming the best educator that I can be. Educating students and enabling them to work to their best abilities is my biggest motivator. I have witnessed firsthand, the difference that can be made in one child's life once they reach their own turning point and begin to grasp total understanding of a concept. Seeing the difference that one can make in a child's life as an educator has kept my mind focused on becoming an educator and to continue to make a great difference in many children's lives.

Continuously searching for a way to educate children how to appreciate art, I vigorously incorporate art and design into instruction which not only raises the student's appreciation of art, but also stimulates the visual learners within the classroom settings. Art is with me both inside and outside of the classroom.​

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.
-Henry David Thoreau​